Seth Hurlbert

Seth Hurlbert

Seth Hurlbert

Owner / Inspector
  • Hurlbert Home Inspection
  • 14407 Coachway Dr Centreville, VA 20120
  • 703-830-2229
Seth is the owner and founder of Hurlbert Home Inspection, and has been performing home inspections in Northern Virginia since 2003.

Seth graduated the University of South Alabama with a degree in Business Marketing. After relocating to Virginia, he graduated with highest honors from NRI’s Home Inspection Training program, and has since continued extensive on-the-job training. He has also completed numerous training classes and seminars, in order to keep up with changes in the housing industry and building codes, and to provide HHI’s customers with the most current and most accurate information available to ensure informed purchasing decisions. Education is the core value Seth continues to instill in his inspections, ensuring that clients know everything they can about how to make their homes safer, more comfortable, more energy efficient, and overall better suited for their specific needs.

Previously, Seth owned and operated an industrial and automotive equipment company. During that time, he did extensive home repair, home remodeling, and custom woodworking, for fun and profit. He continues to do woodworking and woodturning, and volunteers backstage with a local theatre and performance group. He also maintains a passion for sailing.

Virginia License Number 3380000212

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Member #211818

Additional memberships and certifications include:

  • Member of Northern Virginia Chapter of ASHI since 2002
  • Past Secretary of NOVA-ASHI
  • Past Member of the Board of Directors of NOVA-ASHI
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Certified Home Inspector #3380000212
  • International Code Council Member #5237901
  • International Code Council:
    • Residential Building Inspector No. 5279370-B1
    • Residential Mechanical Inspector No. 5279370-M1
    • Residential Plumbing Inspector No. 5279370-P1
    • Residential Electrical Inspector No. 5279370-E1
  • NRPP (National Radon Proficiency Program) Measurement Provider ID#102753RT
  • Registered Hearth Advisor #RHA-01

Seth’s continuing education includes:


  • ASHI National Convention – Decks, Stairs and Rails; Electrical Inspections; Foundation Failures; Safety Hazards; Metal, Slate, Specialty, and Wood Shingles; Boilers and HVAC – January


  • NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar “Back to Basics” about new construction and electrical inspections
  • NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar “Radiant Heat Installation and Inspection”
  • Radon Reduction in Your Community – Radon re-certification course
  • VAREI (Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors) Annual Conference:
    • How a Plumber Inspects the Plumbing
    • HardiPlank Installation and Inspection
  • Roofing Inspections and Safety – May
  • Drainage and Erosion Solutions – April
    • Septic System Inspections and Defects
  • COA’s 2013 Atlantic City Inspection Conference:
    • Plumbing Safety Certificate Class
    • Inspecting Old Electrical Systems
    • Water Intrusion Forensics
    • Mid & High Efficient Gas Furnace Inspection
    • Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning
    • Roofs—Analyzing Stains & Hard to Find Leaks
    • Basement Inspections
    • Composition Roofing Inspections
  • Mechanical Systems, Hot water Boilers and Venting – March
  • NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar – EPA Dust Sampling Technician Course—Lead Dust in Remodeling Projects
  • Concrete Science – February
  • HVAC Inspections Old and New – January


  • Old House Inspections and Common Defects – December
  • Electrical Inspections and Safety – November
  • Plumbing and All It’s Glory – October
  • NOVA-ASHI Fall Seminar “But Wait There’s More”
    • Crawlspace and Floor Structural Defects
    • Understanding Moisture and Wood
    • Historic Structures: The Learning Laboratories for Wood Construction
    • Wood Flooring Issues and Remedies
  • NOVA-ASHI Summer Seminar, Pre-Drywall Inspections – Aug
  • VAREI (Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors) Annual Conference:
    • Foundation Failure & Repair
    • Construction Errors & Mishaps
  • Asbestos Hazards and How to Identify It – June
  • Crawl Space Science – May
  • Infrared Photography Training – April
  • Electrical Inspections – April
  • COA 2012 Inspection Conference:
    • Engineered Wood Products
    • Laminated and Flat Roofs
    • Fireplaces and Wood Stoves
    • Extreme Weather Heating Systems
    • Interior Finishes and Flashing
    • Electrical Inspections
    • Foundation Failures
    • Radon Mitigation
  • MAC-ASHI Spring Seminar – Plumbing and the IRC Code, Electrical Inspections and the Building Code – March
  • NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar –Building Science, Energy Efficiency, Engineered Lumber – March
  • The New Real Estate Contract – January


  • NOVA-ASHI Fall Seminar – Inspecting Foundations and Deck Structures – October
  • NOVA-ASHI Spring Seminar 2011 – Fireplace Inspections, C301 HUD Inspections, Venting Requirements for Gas Appliances
  • F.I.R.E. Seminar – Fireplace and Chimney Inspections – February


  • VAREI ( Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors) Annual Conference
  • NOVA-ASHI Fall Seminar – Pest Extermination, Code Enforcement and Energy Efficiency


  • NOVA-ASHI Fall Seminar – Refrigeration Fundamentals (Heat Pumps & A/C) and Digital Photography
  • ASHI National Convention – Energy Code Requirements, Energy Audits and Conservation, Foundation Defects – January


  • Structural, Pre-Drywall and Deck Inspections – November
  • Tri-State ASHI Seminar – Geo-thermal Energy, Private Electrical Generation, Deck Defects – November
  • Chimney Inspections – October
  • NOVA-ASHI Seminar – Changes to the IRC Codes – October
  • VAREI Conference – Inferred Technologies, Legislation affecting Inspections – October
  • Electrical and Radiation Hazards – September
  • NOVA-ASHI Seminar – Electrical Inspections – May
  • VA Tech Seminar – Residential Decks-Component Testing, Code Requirements, Prescriptive Design, and Performance Issues – January
  • Flexible Ductwork and Humidifiers – January


  • In Ground Oil tanks – Feb 07
  • Foundation Crack Repairs – March 07
  • Waterproofing Structural Foundations – Oct 07
  • VAREI Conference – Home Inspector Licensing – Oct 07
  • Wood Framing, Sewer Lateral Replacement – Dec 07