Meet Kevin:

Kevin Bartik

Kevin Bartik

  • Hurlbert Home Inspection
  • 14407 Coachway Dr Centreville, VA 20120
  • 703-830-2229

Growing up, my father instilled in me two lasting passions: trucks and repairs. I had a wrench in my hand shortly after I was able to walk, “helping” him fix our cars and trucks.  My father always wanted to do things himself, from small repairs around the house to much larger building projects.  When he didn’t know how to do something he sought the information he needed to complete the project safely and correctly.  This habit of excellence was instilled in me, and part of what makes me a good home inspector.  I have worked in several different trades (decks, framing, and roofing to name a few) which has allowed me to expand my skill base and remodel my homes.

I have never been a person that could sit at a desk in an office.  I found home inspection and it has been a great fit for me—my varied background in home improvement provides a solid knowledge base about the homes, and my previous experience in retail has informed my communication skills with clients.  I believe being able to relay valuable information in a professional and knowledgeable way is key to being a great inspector.  My favorite part home inspecting is that I am always learning and seeing new things…and I get to spend all day in my truck!

When I’m not inspecting I like to visit my family in West Virginia and spend time on our beautiful property there.  I am an avid outdoorsman--I love to hunt, fish, off-road, and anything else that I can do outside. My nephew shares this passion, and we get together as often as we can!