Meet Tim:

Tim Valaike

Tim Valaike

  • Hurlbert Home Inspection
  • 14407 Coachway Dr Centreville, VA 20120
  • 703-830-2229

I did not plan to become a home inspector, but the opportunity arose and I took it!  I discovered that I enjoyed doing home inspections, and was good at it. My prior experience working in the home construction industry has provided a knowledge of construction methods and processes and my experience in the IT industry helped me develop skills in logical problem solving, cause and effect, and attention to detail, all of which have been a great value in doing home inspections.

The best part of being a home inspector is meeting new people every day, and helping others to understand the condition of their potential home.  This is often one of the most valuable and important purchasing decisions of their lives, and I’m glad I get to be a part of it.  I also like not having to fix stuff—I just have to identify what is wrong!

When not working, I enjoy hiking, dancing, and photography.  I love being in nature—living in the mountains, watching the wildlife, and going to the beach.  I have an awesome (and large!) family that I enjoy spending time with whenever I can.  I have wonderful parents, great brothers and sisters, and six very special children.