Final Walk-Through Home Inspection

The final walk-through inspection is the partner to the pre-drywall inspection. This inspection is done after a newly constructed home has been completed, but prior to you, as the new owner, taking possession. The final walk-through inspection is very similar to the pre-purchase and pre-listing inspections in scope, but differs in expectation. Everything is new, so all of the home systems should be in new condition. As such, the inspection focuses on ensuring proper installation of these systems, particularly doors and windows, and plumbing fixtures, as well as standard appliances. There are numerous specific details to properly installing these systems, and it is important to have an independent third party inspection to ensure that nothing was rushed and none of these details were overlooked before you sign off with the builder that the home is up to expectation.


Since all of the systems are new, the inspector will discuss in particular the expected life spans of the major home components and the recommended maintenance required to keep these systems operating properly. Proper preventive maintenance is, undoubtedly, the best way to avoid future problems.