Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

When the term “Home Inspection” is used, this is generally to what it refers. A pre-purchase home inspection is the ideal way to ensure that, as the buyer, you are informed and educated about the property in which you are investing. The inspection covers all of the major home systems, as well as structural elements, standard installed appliances, standard home function, attic framing and insulation, and the roof. The exterior of the house is also inspected, looking for proper drainage around the house, that the windows and siding are in acceptable condition, and that moisture is not intruding into the structure. Decks, if present, are also inspected for proper structure and support.


You will be informed of the condition of these areas, and any defects will be noted in the inspection report. The types of materials used in various systems will be noted, along with any concerns that the inspector may have.


If possible, we recommend that you, as the buyer, attend the inspection. That way, the inspector can address any questions you might have directly, illustrate the function of your home's systems, and visually explain any issues that the inspection uncovers. The inspection is as much about educating you, the buyer, about the home as it is about the inspection itself.