Meet Christopher:

Christopher Nava

Christopher Nava

  • Hurlbert Home Inspection
  • 14407 Coachway Dr Centreville, VA 20120
  • 703-830-2229

I came across HHI by chance through a friendship I made years ago while serving as a Military Policeman. I met with Seth, went along on a few inspections, and immediately knew that this was a perfect career for me.  Home inspection satisfies my love of exploration, travel, and investigation that I had been missing.  In the Military Police I gained extensive experience in investigation and reporting that transition well to home inspection: I know a lot about how to process a scene (a home, now) and report back with detailed findings.  These skills help me to ensure that all details are noted and proper information is conveyed during each home inspection.

Before HHI, I did not know that being a home inspector was a career option, but I am glad I found it!  I tried working in a large corporate office position, and it was not for me.  What I enjoy most about home inspections is that every day is different.  There are new people, new homes, and always opportunities to learn—for myself, and for our clients learning how their new home operates.  Knowing that each day will bring something new is great and fun.

When I’m not doing inspections or seeking continued education in the field, I enjoy hiking, exploring NOVA, and getting out to the beach. I also enjoy staying home and learning about new things happening in the ever-growing digital landscape.  Good or bad weather, I always have something I can do!