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HHI is proud to have recently contributed to a new Redfin article: Prepping To Sell in the Fall: Experts Weigh-In. Check out the article here.

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  • Devil’s In The Details Like the old saying goes, “it’s the details that matter.” I recently saw an excellent example of this:
  • Pipes! Camera! Action! Yes, your pipes can be in a movie! Any time I see cast iron drain pipes in a home, I recommend that the pipes be “scoped”. With scoping, a plumber will...
  • Almost Everything Can Be Fixed During the course of an inspection, there are a few words that almost always elicit grim responses: Mold, Radon, Lead, and Asbestos.
  • Screwy Electrical Panels This is a main electrical panel with tube and screw fuses. These are obsolete, and can be dangerous.
  • Don’t Let The Door Hit You… …on the way out, or the way in, or ever, really. A June 2015 article in the ASHI Reporter claimed that about 70% of people with attached garages used the garage
  • Squirrels Like Your Attic, Too Since I mentioned last week that you need to regularly check your attic for pests, I thought I’d show some examples of where and how they can get in
  • Dryer Safety While I’ve spoken about dryers and dryer fires before, we see these problems often enough that it bears revisiting.
  • Your Attic Is Not A Zoo Almost all homes have some attic space. Despite how it’s generally used, it is often not intended for storage.